Monday, September 26, 2005

Just getting started - bear with me!

Hi all! So rather than emailing everyone when I'm on my adventures, I'm going to take a shot at being a little more techie with my very own blog - here is the beginnings of "Scottie Abroad"! I hope I can keep you up to date with my travels this way! The idea is that when I find an internet cafe (do they have them in the middle of the Amazon?) I'll fill you in on my latest adventure! That's all for now - I'm still learning how this works! Stefanie


Anonymous barbara bourque said...

Stefani, I am so excited for you,and in awe of you! I am also sad for us book club peoples (!) as you will be missed. You better be planning on coming back to the book club when you have finished your wonderful travels! I look forward to living vicariously through your blog site. Great idea!
Stay safe and healthy!
Barbara Bourque

8:20 AM  
Anonymous ken mcculloch said...

sneff... all the best enjoy and BEHAVE!!!!!!! ken

1:51 PM  

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