Friday, April 14, 2006

Here in sunny Boston, getting ready for Trip number 2!!!!!!

Hi there! Yup, it's me again! Just a quick note on my next trip which as I mentioned, I leave for on April 25th! Can't believe where the time has gone since I arrived back in Boston March 2nd!! It's been crazy busy - what with temping (first time I've ever done meet some very interesting people let me tell you!), running around catching up with all my brilliant pals, and of course researching stuff to do, places to go etc. for this latest adventure I'm about to embark on!!! Ahhhh, I realise what a brilliant job Dominique did with South America now that I have to try and plan out - or at least have an idea - of what I want to do in the 7 countries I'm going to visit on this next trip!

(and just as an aside, for those of you taking a look here...thought you might like some nice pics of my home town...which sadly I have to admit I didn't take - but they are really nice right!)

So - the plans are set in motion, I have the tickets, the mochilla is slowly getting full although I'm vowing to pack light this time (hmmm but will it happen?),... so here's the itinerary for what I'm very uninspiringly (is that a word?) calling Phase 2!

1) Leave Boston April 25th and fly to LA (via Philadelphia and Georgia -I know, I know its kind of long but it was the cheapest route!)
2) Arrive New Zealand April 27th - I'm there for 18 days (fly into Auckland in the North Island and out of Christchurch, South Island).
3) Arrive Sydney - May 16th for 4 weeks (meeting up with good friends Beth and Nige and family near Byron Bay, and also Chris and Dutch and family too, in Brisbane!)
4) Arrive Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam - June 16th for 4 weeks. Fly out of Hanoi
5) Arrive Bankgkok - July 15th, leave Thailand for 6 weeks going to Cambodia and Laos
6) Back to Thailand where I'll meet up with my brother, Patrick for 2 weeks in September (in Thailand for 1 month total)
7) Then leave to fly to Mumbai in India on Oct 1st - here till Dec 16th when i fly out of Delhi to London then up to Scottieland for Christmas...yah!
8) Fly back to Boston on Jan 25th, 2007 - wow, that seems a loooongggg time away!

So there it is! Please feel free to plan your summer hols around this and come meet me at any stage in the trip - teehee just kidding of course but if any of you feel like it, that would be brilliant!

Take care and I'll start boring you all with lotsa blog blah from New Zealand in a few weeks!

Your long winded friend, Stefanie


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi stef its ruth,
gosh i love your invitation to join you somewhere on the route, wish i could!(tho if you change plans and go to the middle east, that would really get my attention!) just want to say hi, it was wonderful to see you back in somerville and can't wait to hear more about these new wild adventures of yours....take good care,

2:39 PM  

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