Saturday, May 13, 2006

It's Sky Dive Time - yaahhhhhhhh!!!!

May 13th - hmmn interesting date for a skydive! Thank goodness it wasn't a Friday! Yah - i'm so excited! Up early again and head off to the airfield around 8:45am! Too much of this early morning stuff just isn't good for you! The views even from the ground were amazing as we drove about 45 mins outside of Queenstown!

The mountains were covered in snow, and Lake Wakatipu was shimmering blue, blue, blue - it all looked gorgeous - especially if you managed to ignore the layer of frost everywhere, brrrr chilly!
My instructor was Chris from California - lovely guy! I had decided to go the whole hog and get the DVD and photos too, so the photographer, who jumps out at the same time, was called Seagull (crazy but very nice guy!)

I absolutely loved the skydive! It was incredible - you jump from 12,000ft and have 45 seconds of freefall before the parachute opens .....def. had a moment of "hey, i can't quite catch my breath" but that only lasted for a second....there is such a high you get from something like this.. i wanted to jump back in the plane and go again, and again and again! Wasn't nervous at all... the only thing that puts you off a tiny bit is when all the crew - the instructors, photographers and pilot, give each other high 5's case they don't see each other again -hmmnnn rather not be part of that negative energy, man!

After the exhilaration of the skydive, what else could i do but get more adrenalin rush! The gang had decided we would all do the "Shotover Jet" - basically you have an amazing driver, in our case Chris - who hurtles you up and down the rocky Shotover Canyons in this jetboat, with 360 degree turns, whizzing past rocks that look like you only just miss....water everywhere - absolutely fantastic! We all had such a laugh - can't believe quite how well we all get on, you would think we had known each other for ages!

After all that excitement, Marieke and I felt the need to peruse the shops... Queenstown really is a gorgeous town. Even though it is inundated with tourists winter (for skiing) and summer (for all adrenaline sports), its not a tacky place. In fact, there are tons of really funky bars, cafes and restaurants galore! Really like it here - although def a tendancy to become bankrupt if you stay too long, cos you just want to do everything there is to offer! Well, I know i felt that way!

We all met up at the Pig and Whistle for dinner then it was our very own Stray Bus bar crawl as we had decided we had to go out in style.. it was our second last night left in Queenstown and people would begin going in different directions, so we were all raring to go for a fun evening!
Started in Red Rock, ok pub not great but as we had all agreed we wanted some dancing fun, we headed onto the World Bar! As we arrived so early we basically had the place to ourselves! A strange place the World Bar... all their cocktails are served in of course we had to try them.. some classic shots here.

After these antics, the girls decided we had to pose "a la Charlie's Angels" style while the boys were a little less subtle and just sat on each other? Strange but funny too - especially when Martin started break dancing up the side of the wall...

Yet another brilliant evening with the Stray gang.. what can i say! Im the luckiest folks, amazing adventures, AND i havent broken any bones yet.. ahh but there is canyon swinging to come tomorrow! Who knows what will happen then!


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