Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Military coup anyone? It's back to Bangkok for us!

Sept 20th. Woke up today, our last day before we had to bus it back toThailand, only to hear BBC World tell us that our next port of call, Bangkok, had just undertaken a military coup! WHAT!!! Unbelievable.. but hey, we did a bit of research, everything seemed ok as it was a very peaceful coup (don't ya love that!) and we had bought our tickets already, so it was off to a new adventure tomorrow (come on, how good would this be for the blog!).

This afternoon we popped over to the hospital where we had been to the Beatocello concert, and gave blood. Pretty painless, the staff were gorgeous to us, we got a Fanta, a packet of biscuits AND a tshirt...oh yes and i found out my blood group. Lucky me I'm AB+ apparantly...who knew? As Dr Beat said, it was important to give blood in Cambodia if we could, as over 60% of the blood they have is we felt we did just a wee bit to help out! Said a sad goodbye to our lovely guest house as we were leaving early next day..

Sept 21st. Wow - on the road at the crack of dawn...and wow, what a road it was! Lets just say at the end of our 13+ hour journey even my well-padded bottom was numb from the bumps and holes along the way - horrendous! Even worse than that; Jeremy and Nadine totally corrupted me into deliniating from my promise to myself not to eat any Western food for dinner while i was in Asia.. so ok, ok we had Burger King.. and it was lovely!! Hey, we were exhausted - and there was a military coup going on - don't judge!!! Teeeheee!

Sept 22-24. Spent some time trying to get a good pic of a Thai tank and hottie soldier...but too shy to ask, so, sorry about that girls, don't have one! Not much to report except to say we visited the worlds biggest market, Chattuchak Market with over 15,000 stalls!!! It is beyond overwhelming; tons of trendy Thai's also shop here so there is definitely something for everyone! Did see quite a few tanks on our way to the market, but really, everything seemed pretty mellow! Children getting photos taken sitting on top of the tank, flowers everywhere, smiling soldiers. Kinda wierd and crazy but hey, it's my first military coup so what do i know!

Enjoyed many an ice-cream sundae with the folks - gotta love Jeremy and Nadine... and hey, we met up with Oliver again....he and I will be in Nepal at the same time so hopefully we'll see each other there! Back "home" and then it was off on our overnight bus to take us down to our "chill out time" on Koh Tao, one of Thailand's cool beaches....stay tuned!


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