Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Finally arrived in Cusco!

Hi folks! So I´m really here. Flew in to Cusco from Lima today - bit of an olde journey but well worth it. Looking out the window I could see so many mountains - all humungous and they just stretched for hundreds of miles was incredible. Was picked up by Jess from my hostel, and had a nice chat with him - he is from New Zealand so no language problems there. The Spanish is pretty awful right now but fingers crossed it gets better. The photo i posted (if i did it right?) is the view from my room.. not bad eh! Took a walk around the town itself, very pretty, booked my tour for the Sacred Valley tomorrow then the big trek starts Friday morning. Didnt feel any altitude issues until climbing the hill back to the hostel and then wow, it hit me and felt quite winded but ok now.. I´m off for a wee burritto (yes i hear some of you laughing but its burritto night at the hostel) and then to bed cos im zonked. Will be more creative tomorrow hopefully.. Stefanie


Anonymous Tony said...

This is a wonderful photo - you have an eye for this - I am looking forward to more ....

7:54 AM  

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