Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Our big Baños adventure!

Decided to check out the famous waterfalls after our stunning breakfast at Cafe Blah Blah (yup thats the name)!. Apparantly Manto de la Novia and Pailon del Diablo are meant to be unbelievable. Well, after our friendly tourist guide telling us "Oh yes, its so easy, take a bus to this stop, get off, walk across the wobbly bridge to see the first waterfall then you can walk/hike all the way down the mountainside to the second waterfall which is incredible"....hmmmm and we believed her!

So, we went on our merry way! Got off the bus no probs. Hiked down to the wobbly - and i do mean wobbly! - bridge (see Dominique!) then checked out the first waterfall - very nice..(check it out in the background..) Started following the trail to the second, more stupendous ´"cascada". So we walked, and chatted and got covered in mud, and walked and chatted and then all of a sudden there was no trail anymore and we were in a mini-jungle heading to nowhere! Seriously, we had to hike all the way back up the bluudy mountain practically to where we started to get a cable car

(yes, we were a little suspicious of how well it worked ´cos it did look a bit rusty!)-but it did hold and the view below us was quite impressive....

We finally got to the other side, then had to walk down this very busy mountain road for about an hour with lots of people looking at us as if we were mad.. it wasnt the type of road you go for a nice Sunday stroll on.. till we finally got to the fabulous bigger Pailon de Diablo waterfall - again very pretty with yet another wobbly bridge (I hate those bridges, especially with quite a few other folks walking across it with you, that thing was bouncing around like no-one´s business!!)

Then we got caught in a major rainstorm so headed back to base... up early tomorrow to get back to Quito.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Scottie, love the blogs. We miss you at the poker table. Be safe/write often.


5:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Finally found your blog, so neeless to say I am a little behind on "Dominiques and Stefanies Most Excellent Adventure". But if this first one I read is anything like the others, you a) must be getting an awesome workout b) becoming very good at diplomatic relations (ie walking by sketchy characters) c) seeing the world from a whole different view and d) becoming a ballet Queen crossing aforementioned rickety, wobbly bridges (look out boston ballet)

Like Steve, I love the blog (only have read one so far), and miss your charming personality. And wanted to let you know we are thinking of you (at least Steve and I are)

Of course, if you decide to come back to civilization, don't forget ISM's Christmas party with the ever popular "Mash Potato Bar". Of course, it comes with a little Amex and Emirates topping. Seriously we miss you and hope you have a terrific trip. If nothing else hope this gives you a little laugh.



3:16 PM  

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