Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Day 2 in Quito- not much to report

For those of you who have kindly mentioned recently that i am doing a good job of recreating myself via my blog, i.e. that it is a little too long-winded, i give you this one, slightly shorter entry. But don´t get your hopes us, the rest of the trip travelogue will continue to be "travel facts blah blah, met new people blah blah, great food blah blah" ...i can´t help myself.....sorry or as we say in South America "lo siento" or "desculpe" or "perdon"- yup there´s a lot of sorry words in the magical Spanish language - wonder why?

But again i ramble....somewhat quiet day today. We spent the time researching the best cruise to book for the Galapagos... finally settled on a fab boat called the Tip Top Three - don´t you just love that name and how it rolls of the tongue!

Actually, its a funny story (well, somewhat funny, you wont fall of your seat or anything but its nice for want of a better word!)- all the different sales reps were pushing the Tip Top Two (the lower class brother of the TT Three!) and we had decided, and were quite excited about, the 2 model which we booked with Vladimir (the president of the travel agency and very chatty - mind you, he looked about 12 years old but hey, he was the president so who cares right!!).....come to find out when all the tickets are printed, we are booked on the "creme de la creme" the TT Three... there must have been some fate going on or "buena suerte AKA good luck in Spanish" cos the TT Tres was the best boat EVER .. but again you will have to wait for that exciting installment - coming soon!

So pottered around Quito,checked out some local markets in the park, had a few wee drinkies then back to the Secret Garden... more later.


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