Saturday, October 21, 2006

Starting my Indian adventure.. with a pit stop in Delhi!

Oct 21st. Arrived in Delhi in the early evening, during the biggest Hindu festival of Diwali. Known as the festival of lights, celebrations include the lighting of oil lamps and fireworks (lots of fireworks!!), people being anointed by elder members of their families (or sisters giving to brothers) with giant, thick red tikkas on their foreheads, and the giving and receiving of sweets and gifts. It is a very fun and pretty festival, with twinkling lights everywhere you go....and everyone seems in a really good party mood, so a great time to arrive in Delhi! (have to 'fess up.. my pics of the fireworks were rubbish, so "borrowed" this great shot from some online site, just thought I should let you know!)

Only here for the night as i head off tomorrow to Goa in the south so just a quick note here then I'll give you tons more info when i return .....but first impressions of Delhi - big, big city, pretty dirty, especially the area I was staying in, so many people, its hard to walk around without bumping into someone, and so much noise. Clearly people here LOVE to use their horns....but then again, the hustle and bustle is great! Quite like Delhi so far!

Took my pre-paid taxi (not one of these tuk tuks, just liked this shot!) like a responsible tourist (can never decide if it's a rip off or actually cheaper/worth it to not have to bargain with a taxi driver!) but anyway, as I laughed with the kiosk man and said "Now this is safe, right. You're not going to sell me off to the slave trade, are you?".. and he guffawed with laughter...and seemed to like me when I started my chat with "Happy Diwali" all was good!

Arrived in the backpacker area of Paharganj, checked into a slighly skanky place but hey, it was just $4 in India's capital city, so can't really complain, then headed out for a wee bit of exploring! Everyone was in great form, and I saw tons of cows hanging around. I had heard this was the case, so wasn't too shocked but I mean, there were alot of cows, let me tell you! So pottered around for a bit then off to bed.. nothing too exciting!

Oct 22nd. Went for a walk around this morning and yes, more cows! Hilarious! Clearly they run the show as they don't move for anyone. After breakfast, off to the airport....interesting system they have here for getting you a taxi. You ask a man at the front desk if they can help.
They tell a man, who comes and tells you the price. You then hand over the cash (I did double check first he wasn't going to disappear with it! - sorry to sound mean but you gotta be careful!)... then he gets another guy to walk you two streets over with your pack, to stand at a taxi and chat to him for half an hour while we wait for his brother in law to wake up and drive me to the airport...hmmm as i said, interesting system here!But no worries, arrived at the airport no probs and off to sunny Goa for a few beach days..stay tuned!


Anonymous Sara said...

My dear Stef, you have to submit your adventures to a publisher - you photos are great and I feel like I rode those camels with you! You write as though we feel we have been with you on this adventure. Now if I knew you wanted a camel ride you should have just said that a way I can get you to Dubai?? Please know the invitation to come visit is still, in fact, always open.

7:59 AM  

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