Sunday, November 13, 2005

Day 3 - Santiago Island .. and the Pinnacle Rock

Sitting on the top level of the boat in blinding sunshine with my shipmates, and thinking to myself, this is really all quite incredible. We had 2 ports of call today - Puerta Egas on Santiago and then the smaller island of Bartolome.. where we snorkeled and then hiked up to the top of this incredible Mars-like landscape, with very little plants except these small silver trees, and looked out at Pinnacle Rock..
Of course, cant forget that we had to pass by some very territorial sea lions,
who were happily basking in the sun on the steps we had to take, so after a little clapping (that gets them on the move!) we managed to skip past them...

What a view, words just dont do justice to explain how beautiful, and different, and incredible the landscapes and wildlife really are in these amazing islands.

Stopped in Puerta Ayora, the capital of Santa Cruz island, overnight for the crew to get supplies in..After the sun went down, we visited the Limon Y Cafe for a few wee drinkies including this charming cane-sugar type shot liquid which is quite vile...Carolynn was celebrating her birthday (she had a wee problem getting the frosting out of her nose from earlier at dinner, when the crew baked her a birthday cake and then Capitan Jimmy shoved her face in it.. hmmm a lovely tradition on board the TTT!).... and Dominique´s b-day was coming up so the bartenders were very obliging in sharing this petroleum-like liquid with la chicas!!! Lots of late night post-drink chats onboard on the top deck, watching the waves drift by, the skies part in incredible hues of blue and violet, and the moon shining down on us.. what more could you ask for!


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