Friday, November 18, 2005

Our last day on Galapagos - dont want to leave!

The last day has arrived. After all the fun and excitement of yesterday, today is a little more subdued- due to a number of reasons; the wedding is over, its our last day together as a group and we are all quite bummed about that, oh yes and maybe ┬┤cos a few of us are a little "chuchaqui" (Spanish for hungover!)....

We have an early morning excursion today (6:30am!) to North Seymour Island.
This island is marked with many mud red trees, salt bushes, red and black volcanic rocks and multi-colored sand.

We saw pelicans, again with the sea lions, but to be honest you can never see too many sea lions. Whether its seeing the teenagers play in the water,

or watching the babies flopping around , or seeing them just hang out with their mums, they are all fantastic!

The big draw of this island is to see the Magnificent Frigate Bird. This bird is quite incredible, it has a red sack in its throat area, which it puffs out during mating time (and yes its only the male that has this element, cos he needs to show off all the time!). When it is mating time, he can fly and eat and do pretty much everything with this red sack puffed out so much it almost looks like it will burst!

And of course the iguanas have to make a final appearance too!

As the sun sets on our trip and on the Galapagos, I can truly say this has been the experience of a lifetime! Or as I would say in Spanish "Pienso que fue excelente, fantastico y bonita"!!! (I thought it was excellent, fantastic and of course beautiful!).


Blogger jeni said...

what an amazing trip - romance, wildlife, great photos and travel writing.....

can't wait for the next instalment!

3:09 PM  

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